African Wildlife

A black rhinoceros stands and looks in the morning sun in Kenyas Masai Mara.
Breeding herd of elephants dust bathing in late afternoon orange light
Aggressive elephant in a dust cloud backlit after a dust bath
Hippo chewing Sausage Fruit
Herd of Giraffes
Mini Me
Zebra and Acacia
Desert-adapted Giraffe
Hippo, Oxpeckers and Sausage Fruit
Elephant  Reflection
Cape buffalo aggressively forces away an Eland at a water hole.
Tough to Swallow
Desert-adapted Giraffe
In Season
Down it Goes
Herd of Giraffes
Alert Hippo
Moving Away
Zambezi Sunset
Stare Down
Yellow Baboon in Tree
Yellow Baboon Sitting
headshot Photograph of an Old battle-worn cape buffalo with worn and damaged horns is missing part of its ear which is infected by insects. it also has cataract
Chameleon blessing into tall green grass in Tanzania, Africa
The hippo and the Sausage
Puku Courting
A black rhinoceros portrait in etosha national park in Namibia Africa