African Predators

Africa has an abundance of predatory species. Sometimes their behaviors can be disturbing to witness, but they are essential to the survival of these species. Presented here is a collection of images of African predators, representing both their gentle and more brutal sides.

Lioness in Tree
Leopard cub gazing upward watching it's mother eat
Two male lions Flehmening
In the Masai Mara of Kenya, a leopard sleeps while one young cub nurses and another rests
Nile Crocodile Threat Display
African Wild dogs chasing Cape buffalo through the forest
Nile Crocodile swallowing flesh while scavenging a wildebeest carcass in the Mara River, Kenya
Battle-scarred Lion
A leopard rests in a tree and scans its surroundings.
Wild Dog Stalker
Leopard Cub Looking Up
Mating Lions
Painted Wolves surround a Cape buffalo calf as some of the herd attempt a rescue.
Cheetah and Topi
Cheetah Catching Topi
African wild dog regurgitates a meal for pups
Lion Cubs Playing
African Painted wolves chasing Cape buffalo through the forest.
African Wild dogs chasing Cape buffalo
Cheetah and Topi
African Painted Wolf Pups Playing
Yawning Leopard
Leopard Cub
Three Lion Cubs
Sinister Smile
Always Ready
Coming at ya'
Stotting Impala